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So far my life is divided into 3 stages:
Music&Acting, Tech&Coding, Music&Acting

After studying
Chinese Dulcimer for 10 years
Choir Singing for 6 years
Theater Acting for 4 years
I decided to study Computer Science
Bachelor Degree in China and Finland
Master Degree from Brown University in the US.
Software Developer now at Oracle Corporation
Have written over 100 original songs
Over 20 demos on my Youtube channel
Keep Singing and Acting on stage

My music inspired by Chinese traditional melody and sound of nature, it reflects the philosophy of humanity and simplicity of joy. Since middle school, I began to write and sing my own songs. The instrumental is synthesized by software entirely.

I will appreciate it if any producer and agent who would like to help me release an album and help me with my singing career.


Original Songs Demo

Philosophy, Nature and Joy
—— Li Li'music.
Melogy inspired by Chinese traditional instruments, especially Pentatonic scales
Lyric inspired by Philosophy from life and Nature from space
Instrumental composed from Computer Software entirely, you don't have to know how to play piano and guitar to compose

The Day (English)
I Cannot Be Royal (English)
Panda (Chinese)
Ms Jin, Please Don't Ask Me To Date (Chinese)
Tremble (EDM)
Live Performance

Love Yourself (English)
Miss you so much (Chinese)
Wild Child
Juan Zhu Lian

Miss Li Li An
Because of love
Feel Exhausted Completely
Self Rescue During Chinese New Year

Male Lead - Marcus
Male Lead - Zhu Ge Liang

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Instagram: liliwish
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